I was born in Colombia, raised by an amazing family, that I left pretty early on in life to chase my dream. I made my way to Canada at age fifteen with nothing but a suitcase and a big dream: to be the first Colombian in the NHL. I never made it, but I quickly realized that there were two ways I could look at it, as a failure or as a learning experience – one that made me better, and unique.

I then went on to study Marketing and Economics at Saint Mary’s. Combining my love for hockey, the passion to help others, and my entrepreneurial spirit I co-founded Klar Hockey. The whole purpose: To make hockey more accessible for people around the world.

I worked at Trampoline Branding, where I supported and led integrated marketing strategies for Saint Mary’s University, the NSLC, and supported their partner agency DDB with media strategy and optimization for Tourism Nova Scotia. Later on I worked at VERB Interactive, leading the integration process between data and strategy to connect brands to their consumer needs and ensure proper measurement to enable ongoing optimization and improvement. Now I’ve taken a new challenge as the Director of Growth at GoBumpFree, where I work closely and lead marketing, sales, customer service department and the product team.

Travelling with my family and friends is my passion; I love meeting new people, discovering new places, and learning from different cultures. Whatever it is that I am doing I have my camera on my hand to capture memories the way I love.


Marketing has the ability to touch and change lives in countless positives ways. Marketing is not only sales. Creating a brand that connects deeply with people, in a real way, can ignite passions and produce change within people. A brand that can master this relationship has the best competitive advantage a company can have.

Marketing is the core of business and its strategy. It is an ever-changing world that forces you to keep learning every day. It is an art and a science that has to be rediscovered every time, as it doesn’t have a fit-all formula. With the perfect combination of quantitative and qualitative information, it is wide open for creativity and innovation.

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Social Entrepreneurship

I believe that we are all responsible for our future, to help and give back to humanity and earth. Social entrepreneurship gives you the opportunity to give back while you do something you love, and make a living from it. It is based on honesty and the goal is the greater good over the personal.

Companies are responsible for the consumerism human culture that they have created, which comes at a high cost to earth and to human life, especially in under-developed countries. We won’t be able to fix this world if everyone doesn’t get on board, principally corporations. There are many examples of social companies that have proved that people are ready for change by support companies that are fighting for a cause over big companies that may offer a lower price.

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