What A Killer Marketing Strategy Must Have!

Have you ever started a trip by getting in your car, rushing out of your driveway, and immediately driving to the newest, fastest highway — to only then decide where you want to go? Sounds crazy, right? Then, why do so many marketers behave that way? Too often, marketers jump from one tactic to...

Averages, the curse of data led decision making

Averages, the curse of data led decision making I can’t count the amount of times I’ve heard someone try to disqualify the validity of data because they used it in the past with no success. The most common cause of those misled data “based” decisions are averages. This problem is...

Analytics 101: A guide to Google Analytics reports

You have a website for a reason. You want it to improve your business by generating leads, increasing brand awareness, or selling your products and services online. But how do you know if your website is doing its job? And, more importantly, how do you optimize its performance? A website...

5 steps to measure and improve your marketing efforts

You’ve probably heard this before, but it is true what doesn’t get measured can’t be improved. This is especially true when it comes to businesses and their websites. Websites are treated as a static piece, something that once it's finished doesn’t need to be touched or improved. Your website should...

RBC Halifax Location

Facebook Ads Customer Acquisition Targeting

When you are trying to acquire new customers you may have different segments of the population you want to attract and convince to be your customers. You may separate them by their gender, ages, where they live, what they do, or simply people at different stages in their life. You...

My 5 tips to get the job you want

Everyone wants to land their dream job after they graduate university. One with a great salary and vacation time. And, why not? Weren’t we told that the way to get a good paying job was by going to university – Sadly it isn’t that simple, finding a job you love,...

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